Our two Consulting Packages are designed to clarify your strategy, no matter what stage you are at in your brand journey. 

The Brand Map starts with the fundamentals of your brand messaging and design, and is perfect for brands who have not yet launched, or are looking to rebrand.

The Brand Blueprint is focused on the marketing itself, and offers an indepth, multi-levelled strategy that addresses everything from social media to media features, alongside a tailored audit of your current brand strategy and important next steps.

You may also combine the Brand Map and Brand Blueprint for an end-to-end strategy report.



Before you start to think about how you want your logo to look or what kind of content you should be posting, you need to get clear about your Brand Identity.


Why are you doing this, and who are you doing it for? In this 60-90 minute session, we help you to answer these questions, and many more, so we can guide you through building a thriving brand.


We then follow up with a full Brand Map Guide for you to use at every step.



Once you're clear on your Brand's identity and armed with our Brand Map, you're ready for the Brand Blueprint. This is when we audit and strategise, to create an in-depth, multi-levelled marketing plan for your brand, to get real results based on your specific goals. 

But we don't stop there. We also include step-by-step manuals, suggested content schedules, and checklists, to guide you through every step of the way.  



Even though the Brand Blueprint gives you all the tips you need to achieve your brand goals, we don't leave you to figure it out alone. We continue to support you as you execute the strategy, offering multiple options: 

With our bespoke services, we handle everything for you from start to finish, although you get final approval so we can be sure you love it as much as we're sure your audience will! 

We also offer training to your team, so that you feel ready to flex your own skills.

Finally, we have a range of online resources for you to download and refer back to at any point. Affordable for any budget, these are a great option for bite-size guidance specific to your needs.