In the Custom Content Package, we create 1 whole month of content in 1 week.

Using the process we've perfected over six years of working with clients, we create all the

images, videos, stories and blogs you need for a whole month of your content schedule. 

And the best part?

We give you all the templates, tools, & tips, so that you can keep posting professional content each month! 

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We start by coordinating with you to gather all the photos, videos, and text we need to create your content. 

We also guide you through the process of capturing the best quality photos and videos, so you look and feel confident and professional. 

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We then edit the raw content into social media-ready posts, from static images to sleek edited videos. 

Once you've approved these posts, we're then ready for the final stage...

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We then use scheduling tools to make sure your posts go out throughout the month, without you having to worry. 

BONUS: This includes carefully crafted captions and optimised hashtags!

Includes a maximum of 30 pieces of content 

£1995* / $2695

*Price will be shown in US Dollars only at checkout

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