Most agencies will start with a proposal, which is basically a sales pitch.

Even with the best proposals, it's difficult to tell whether someone can deliver on their promises.


That's why we at PIYA Media do things differently, and start with the Brand Map.

The Brand Map begins with an in-depth 60-90 minute consultation, during which we use our bespoke PIYA method to analyse the current strengths of your brand's marketing strategy, and identify which areas to improve on. We dig deep into:


  • Your specific goals: personal, financial, short term, and big-picture

  • Your style: your story, your voice, your aesthetic, and your values

  • Your niche: who you help, which other brands are influential in this space, and how you are uniquely placed

  • Your ideal client audience - their online and offline behaviours, pain points, and goals

  • We can also use this time to address any specific issues you want to focus on for your brand. 


From this, we develop a full 16-page Map of where your Brand is now, and what you can do to reach your goals and connect with your ideal audience. If you want to hire us to help you get there, that's great, but if not, we've still helped you to start your journey.

The total fee for this service is £210

50% of this fee will be taken at the time of booking, and the following 50% will be invoiced

upon completion of the Brand Map Report (within 10 working days of the Consultation)