Despite our increasingly globalised society, we still find that Founders and Creatives of Colour are underrepresented across industries, and statistically have access to fewer resources and less funding than their white counterparts. 

PIYA Media was founded to address this inequality in an active and practical way.


We offer affordable and accessible marketing for brands created by People of Colour, to serve Communities of Colour. 



When we officially launched in May 2018, PIYA Media quickly began to attract clients, from San Francisco to Sydney.


We began from a humble home office in Bradford, UK, with a one-woman team (Sabreen, our founder) and three years of freelancing experience in growing global online brands. 

However, as demand grew, so has the need for skilled specialists, and so PIYA Media began to build our own network of freelancers, including web designers, graphic artists, copywriters, SEO experts, social media magicians and PR pros. (Apply now!)

Our team operates globally, with clients ranging from the entertainment, media, food & hospitality, tech, and healthcare industries.


Each of our clients use their work to create a positive social impact for BIPOC/BAME communities. This is what drives all our work, and if this drives you too, get in touch!


  •  Personal Approach We pride ourselves on our  personal approach  to each client, building your audience and engagement organically - so we don't use templates, we don't pump money into boosted posts, and we definitely don't pay for followers or engagement.  

  • Client-Focused We also don't expect our clients to step out of their comfort zone in order to "play the social media game", which is why our Brand Consultations dig deep into your goals, your style, and your vision.

  • Collaboration We work with your team as a collaborative partnership. This means that if you choose to hire our services to execute your strategy, we incorporate your ideas at every step. 

Our two Consulting Packages are designed to clarify your strategy, no matter what stage you are at in your brand journey. 

The Brand Map starts with the fundamentals of your brand messaging and design, and is perfect for brands who have not yet launched, or are looking to rebrand.

The Brand Blueprint is focused on the marketing itself, and offers an indepth, multi-levelled strategy that addresses everything from social media to media features, alongside a tailored audit of your current brand strategy and important next steps.

You may also combine the Brand Map and Brand Blueprint for an end-to-end strategy report.