PIYA Media was created to address the under-representation of People of Colour in the media industry, at all levels. Whether on screen, behind the camera, or in the boardrooms, PIYA Media is on a mission to show the world our diverse stories and talent. 

We are lucky enough to witness the rise of independent content creators, an era in which we no longer need to wait for Executives and Studios to green-light content. From social media influencers to independent filmmakers, we are celebrating our own heritage and identities, and PIYA Media is here to make sure these movements grow.  

We chose to expand into working with Commercial and Campaign clients, as we realised that large brands - still severely lacking in diverse leadership - have begun to see diversity as a gimmick, rather than a necessity. We want to show how representation should be done, by People of Colour running their own Brands of Colour. 


Since officially launching in May 2018, PIYA Media has already attracted clients from San Francisco to Sydney. We began from a humble home office in Bradford, UK, with a one-woman team (Sabreen, our founder) and three years of freelancing experience in growing online Brands of Colour. 

However, as demand grew, so did the need for skilled specialists, and so PIYA Media began to build our own network of freelancers, from web designers and artists, videographers, and editors. (Apply now!)

Now, our team operates globally, with clients ranging from the entertainment, food & hospitality, tech, and health & lifestyle industries. The one shared value they all have in common is a commitment to use their work to create a positive social impact. 



We pride ourselves on our personal approach to each client, building their audience and engagement organically - so we don't use templates, we don't pump money into boosted posts, and we definitely don't pay for followers or engagement. 

And if, at any point in the process, you have questions or further needs, we're always happy to arrange to talk to you at your convenience to discuss your thoughts, ideas, or concerns. 


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